2007 ORS § 374.070¹
Throughways in cities
  • intersecting streets

(1) Should any portion or section of a throughway be within the corporate limits of a city, provision shall be made for access thereto from existing streets at points designated by the municipal authorities of the city. In the event plans and specifications are submitted to the municipal authorities of the city by the Department of Transportation and the municipal authorities fail to designate such points within 60 days thereafter, the designation may be made by the department.

(2) After establishment of any throughway in or through a municipality, no street shall be constructed turning into or intersecting the throughway unless the plans and specifications therefor have first been submitted to and approved in writing by the department and made a matter of official record.

(3) Nothing in this section prohibits the closing of any street at the point where it runs into or intersects any throughway by the proper municipal authorities in the manner provided by law.