2007 ORS § 34.140¹
Direction and service of writ
  • proof of service
  • enforcing obedience to writ

(1) The writ shall be directed to the court, corporation, board, officer or person designated in the order of allowance, and may be served thereon, by any person authorized to serve a summons, by delivery of the original to such officer or person, or to any member of such court, or to any officer of such corporation upon whom a summons lawfully may be served. A certified copy of the writ shall be served on all intervenors, adverse parties and counsel for the defendant. Such service is sufficient if it complies with ORCP 9. The relator shall file with the court proof of service of the writ on the defendant, and intervenors, adverse parties and counsel for the defendant, if any.

(2) Obedience to the writ may be enforced in such manner as the court or judge thereof shall direct. [Amended by 1989 c.702 §4]