2007 ORS § 34.105¹
Definitions for ORS 34.105 to 34.240

As used in ORS 34.105 (Definitions for ORS 34.105 to 34.240) to 34.240 (Appeal):

(1) "Adverse party" means a beneficially interested party to a judicial or administrative proceeding from which a mandamus proceeding arises, whose interests are adverse to the relator.

(2) "Counsel for defendant" means the attorney who appears on behalf of the defendant in a mandamus proceeding as provided in ORS 34.130 (Petition for writ) (4).

(3) "Defendant" means the court, corporation, board, officer or person against whom relief is sought in a mandamus proceeding.

(4) "Relator" means the beneficially interested party on whose relation a mandamus proceeding is brought. [1989 c.702 §2]