2007 ORS § 327.708¹
Legislative findings

The Legislative Assembly finds that:

(1) The financing of the costs of state education projects accomplishes the purpose of financing public education in Oregon, as well as having the additional effect of creating jobs and furthering economic development in Oregon by:

(a) Maintaining and increasing the utility, effectiveness and capacity of public education facilities and public education technology and ensuring their availability to Oregon students; and

(b) Creating employment opportunities in this state through the funding of capital improvement and maintenance projects on which workers will be employed.

(2) Based on the findings made in this section, the use of the net proceeds from the operation of the Oregon State Lottery to fund state education projects and to pay state education lottery bonds is an appropriate use of state lottery funds under section 4, Article XV of the Oregon Constitution, and ORS 461.510 (State Lottery Fund). [1997 c.612 §2; 1999 c.44 §12]