2007 ORS § 327.700¹
Definitions for ORS 327.700 to 327.711

As used in ORS 327.700 (Definitions for ORS 327.700 to 327.711) to 327.711 (Payment of debt service), unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) "State education lottery bonds" means the bonds authorized to be issued under ORS 327.711 (Payment of debt service) for the purpose of financing state education projects.

(2) "State education projects" means projects for instructional training and the acquisition, construction, improvement, remodeling, maintenance or repair of public school facilities in the State of Oregon, including but not limited to land, site preparation costs, permanent or portable buildings and equipment, telecommunications equipment, computers, software and related technology, textbooks, library books, furniture and furnishings, vehicles, costs of planning for bond issues and capital improvements, the payment of debt service on obligations, other than general obligation bonds, issued for such projects and holding in reserve for any of the purposes described in this subsection. [1997 c.612 §3; 1999 c.44 §10; 1999 c.1066 §13]