2007 ORS § 327.033¹
Approved transportation costs

(1) Approved transportation costs shall be estimated for the year of distribution.

(2) In determining approved transportation costs, the State Board of Education:

(a) Shall include depreciation of original cost to the school district of district-owned buses, not in excess of 10 percent per year;

(b) May not deduct any moneys received by a school district to repower or retrofit, as defined in ORS 468A.795 (Definitions), or to replace school buses for the purpose of reducing or eliminating diesel engine emissions; and

(c) May not include transportation costs paid with moneys received by the school district from the Clean Diesel Engine Fund under ORS 468A.803 (Uses of Clean Diesel Engine Fund).

(3) School districts shall account separately for those funds received from the State School Fund attributable to the costs included under subsection (2) of this section, and expenditure of those funds shall be limited to the acquisition of new buses or transportation equipment. [1991 c.780 §7a; 2007 c.855 §3]