2007 ORS § 319.270¹
Fuel sold or distributed to dealers

(1) Notwithstanding ORS 319.020 (Monthly statement by dealer), if the first sale, use or distribution of motor vehicle fuel or aircraft fuel is from one licensed dealer to another licensed dealer, the selling or distributing dealer is not required to pay the license tax imposed by ORS 319.020 (Monthly statement by dealer). When the purchasing or receiving dealer first sells, uses or distributes the fuel, that dealer shall pay the license tax regardless of whether the sale, use or distribution is to another licensed dealer.

(2) A dealer who renders monthly statements to the Department of Transportation as required by ORS 319.020 (Monthly statement by dealer) and 319.190 (Monthly statement of dealer) shall show separately the number of gallons of motor vehicle fuel sold or delivered to dealers. [Amended by 1987 c.610 §13]