2007 ORS § 25.399¹
Notice of order to withhold
  • contents of notice

(1) When an order to withhold is issued under ORS 25.378 (Payment of support by income withholding), the party or entity initiating the action shall send notice of the order to withhold to the obligor and the obligee by regular mail to the last-known addresses of the obligor and obligee. The notice shall state:

(a) That withholding has commenced;

(b) The amount to be withheld and the amount of arrears, if any;

(c) That the order to withhold applies to any current or subsequent withholder or period of employment;

(d) The procedures available for contesting the withholding and that the only basis for contesting the withholding is a mistake of fact, which means an error in the amount of current support or arrearages, or an error in the identity of the obligor;

(e) The availability of and requirements for exceptions to withholding;

(f) That the obligor has 14 days from the date that the income is first withheld pursuant to the order to withhold to contest the withholding; and

(g) The actions that will be taken if the obligor contests the withholding.

(2) The notice requirement of subsection (1) of this section may be met by mailing a copy of the order to withhold, by regular mail, to the obligor and to the obligee. [Formerly 25.315]