2007 ORS § 184.637¹
Departmental fiscal officer
  • reports

The Director of Transportation shall designate a fiscal officer for the Department of Transportation who shall:

(1) Provide for sound financial management systems, including all accounting, budgetary and financial control functions for the department.

(2) Prepare financial reports as required by statute or as required by the director.

(3) Act in an advisory capacity to the director in all financial matters and perform such other duties and responsibilities with respect to accounting procedures and other like duties and responsibilities as the director considers advisable.

(4) By the end of the calendar year, prepare and submit to all units of the department for which accounting services were performed a report of all funds received during the last completed fiscal year by each unit, the sources from which funds were received, the expenditures and disbursement of the funds and the purpose for which they were expended. [1973 c.249 §20; 1979 c.293 §2; 1989 c.345 §1; 1993 c.741 §11]