2007 ORS § 184.620¹
Director of Transportation
  • confirmation
  • subordinates

(1) The Department of Transportation shall be under the supervision of a Director of Transportation who shall be appointed by and shall hold office at the pleasure of the Governor.

(2) The appointment of the director shall be subject to confirmation by the Senate in the manner provided by ORS 171.562 (Procedures for confirmation) and 171.565 (Vote required for confirmation).

(3) The director may appoint:

(a) Deputy directors with full authority to act for the director, but subject to the director’s control. The appointment of a deputy director shall be by written order filed with the Secretary of State. A deputy director shall be in the unclassified services for purposes of the State Personnel Relations Law.

(b) One executive assistant for each deputy director appointed under this section and one for each administrator appointed under ORS 184.615 (Department of Transportation) (4). Executive assistants appointed under this paragraph are in the unclassified service for purposes of the State Personnel Relations Law.

(c) All subordinate officers and employees of the department and may prescribe their duties, assignments and reassignments and fix their compensation, subject to any applicable provisions of the State Personnel Relations Law. [1969 c.599 §3; 1969 c.599 §3a; 1973 c.249 §16; 1979 c.186 §6; 1999 c.686 §1; 2005 c.70 §2]