2007 ORS § 184.610¹
Definitions for ORS 184.610 to 184.666

As used in ORS 184.610 (Definitions for ORS 184.610 to 184.666) to 184.666 (Summary of effect of mandates and regulations on costs), unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) "Commission" means the Oregon Transportation Commission.

(2) "Department" means the Department of Transportation.

(3) "Director" means the Director of Transportation.

(4) "Highway Construction Plan" or "plan" means the plan described in ORS 184.658 (Highway Construction Plan).

(5) "STIP" means the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, which is a list of transportation projects that:

(a) Are to be implemented within four years following adoption or modification of the list;

(b) Are consistent with the long-range transportation plan developed pursuant to ORS 184.618 (Duties of commission in preparing and implementing state transportation policy) and with metropolitan plans; and

(c) Can be implemented with resources reasonably expected to be available. [1969 c.599 §1; 1973 c.249 §1; 1999 c.939 §2]