2007 ORS § 153.635¹
Delinquency in paying moneys under ORS 153.630

If any of the money collected under ORS 153.630 (Disposition of moneys collected by courts) is not paid over as provided in that section by the 10th day of the second calendar month next following the month in which it is received, the person withholding it is delinquent in its payment and, in addition to the penalties prescribed by law, the person is personally liable therefor to the public bodies to which the money is payable, with interest at the rate established under ORS 305.220 (Interest on deficiency, delinquency or refunds) from the delinquency date until paid. An action may be maintained in the name of the state for the recovery of the unpaid amounts with interest. [Formerly 484.260 [bad link]; 1989 c.934 §1]