2007 ORS § 153.076¹
Conduct of trial

(1) Violation proceedings shall be tried to the court sitting without jury. The trial in a violation proceeding may not be scheduled fewer than seven days after the date that the citation is issued unless the defendant waives the seven-day period.

(2) The state, municipality or political subdivision shall have the burden of proving the charged violation by a preponderance of the evidence.

(3) The pretrial discovery rules in ORS 135.805 (Applicability) to 135.873 (Protective orders) apply in violation proceedings.

(4) The defendant may not be required to be a witness in the trial of any violation.

(5) Defense counsel shall not be provided at public expense in any proceeding in which only violations are charged.

(6) A district attorney or city attorney may aid in preparing evidence and obtaining witnesses but, except upon good cause shown to the court, shall not appear in violation proceedings unless counsel for the defendant appears. The court shall ensure that the district attorney or city attorney is given timely notice if defense counsel is to appear at trial. [1999 c.1051 §21]