2007 ORS § 138.185¹
Transmission of record to Court of Appeals
  • statutes applicable to appeal to Court of Appeals

(1) In an appeal to the Court of Appeals, when the notice of appeal is filed, or when the appeal is perfected upon publication of notice as provided in ORS 138.120 (When appeal is perfected in case of service of notice of appeal by publication), the record in the trial court shall be prepared and transmitted to the State Court Administrator, at Salem, in the manner and within the time prescribed in ORS chapter 19.

(2) The provisions of ORS 19.250 (Contents of notice of appeal), 19.260 (Filing by mail), 19.270 (Appellate jurisdiction of Supreme Court and Court of Appeals), 19.385 (Audio records), 19.390 (Bill of exceptions not required), 19.435 (Memorandum decisions), 19.450 (Appellate judgment) and 19.510 (Powers of successor trial judge with respect to appeals) and the provisions in ORS 19.425 (Review of intermediate orders) authorizing review of intermediate orders and, if the defendant is the appellant, the provisions of ORS 19.420 (Action by appellate court on appeal) (3) shall apply to appeals to the Court of Appeals. [1959 c.558 §39; 1969 c.198 §67; 1971 c.193 §29; 1971 c.565 §25; 1985 c.734 §19; 1987 c.852 §2; 1997 c.389 §26]