2007 ORS § 137.580¹
Effect of transfer of probationer from one agency to another

Whenever the transfer mentioned in ORS 137.570 (Authority to transfer probationer from one agency to another) is made, the court making it shall send to the probation agency to whose supervision the probationer is transferred a copy of all the records of the court as to the offense, criminal record and social history of the probationer. The probation agency shall report concerning the conduct and progress of the probationer to the court that sentenced the probationer to probation. Parole and probation officers or agencies shall have, with respect to persons transferred to their supervision from any other jurisdiction, all the powers and be subject to all the duties now imposed by law upon them in regard to probationers received on probation from courts in their own jurisdiction. [Amended by 1973 c.836 §273; 1993 c.14 §14; 2005 c.264 §8]