2007 ORS § 137.333¹
Exception to ORS 137.330

Whenever a judge sentences a person to a term of incarceration in a county jail, the judgment may be executed by confinement in another county or in a state correctional facility if the county in which the person would otherwise be imprisoned:

(1) Has entered into an intergovernmental agreement as provided in ORS 169.053 (Agreements with other counties or Department of Corrections for confinement and detention of offenders); or

(2) Is located within an intergovernmental corrections entity formed under ORS 190.265 (Intergovernmental corrections entities). [1996 c.4 §2]

Note: 137.333 (Exception to ORS 137.330) was enacted into law by the Legislative Assembly but was not added to or made a part of ORS chapter 137 or any series therein by legislative action. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.