2007 ORS § 135.260¹
Conditional release

(1) Conditional release may include one or more of the following conditions:

(a) Release of the defendant into the care of a qualified person or organization responsible for supervising the defendant and assisting the defendant in appearing in court. The supervisor shall not be required to be financially responsible for the defendant, nor to forfeit money in the event the defendant fails to appear in court. The supervisor, however, shall notify the court immediately in the event that the defendant breaches the conditional release.

(b) Reasonable regulations on the activities, movements, associations and residences of the defendant, including, if the court finds it appropriate, restriction of the defendant to the defendant’s own residence or to the premises thereof.

(c) Release of the defendant from custody during working hours.

(d) Any other reasonable restriction designed to assure the defendant’s appearance.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in ORS 135.250 (General conditions of release agreement) (2)(b), conditional release shall include a prohibition against contacting the victim if the defendant is charged with an offense that also constitutes domestic violence. [1973 c.836 §152; 1985 c.818 §1; 1993 c.731 §7]