2007 ORS § 135.255¹
Release agreement

(1) The defendant shall not be released from custody unless the defendant files with the clerk of the court in which the magistrate is presiding a release agreement duly executed by the defendant containing the conditions ordered by the releasing magistrate or deposits security in the amount specified by the magistrate in accordance with ORS 135.230 (Definitions for ORS 135.230 to 135.290) to 135.290 (Punishment by contempt of court).

(2) A failure to appear as required by the release agreement shall be punishable as provided in ORS 162.195 (Failure to appear in the second degree) or 162.205 (Failure to appear in the first degree).

(3) "Custody" for purposes of a release agreement does not include temporary custody under the citation procedures of ORS 133.055 (Criminal citation) to 133.076 (Failure to appear on criminal citation). [1973 c.836 §151]