2007 ORS § 135.235¹
Release assistance officer
  • appointment
  • duties

(1) If directed by the presiding judge for a judicial district, a release assistance officer, and release assistance deputies who shall be responsible to the release assistance officer, shall be appointed under a personnel plan established by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

(2) The release assistance officer shall, except when impracticable, interview every person detained pursuant to law and charged with an offense.

(3) The release assistance officer shall verify release criteria information and may either:

(a) Timely submit a written report to the magistrate containing, but not limited to, an evaluation of the release criteria and a recommendation for the form of release; or

(b) If delegated release authority by the presiding judge for the judicial district, make the release decision. [1973 c.836 §147; 1981 s.s. c.3 §37; 1995 c.781 §40]