2015 ORS § 197.754¹
Land identified for urban services
  • capital improvement plan
  • tax assessment

(1) A local government may identify land inside an urban growth boundary for which the local government intends to provide urban services within the next five to seven years. The local government may evidence its intent by adopting a capital improvement plan reasonably designed to provide the urban services.

(2) A local government that identifies an area for planned urban services and adopts a capital improvement plan may zone the area for urban uses. A city that identifies land that is outside the citys boundary but inside the urban growth boundary shall coordinate with the appropriate county to zone the area for urban uses.

(3)(a) Land in an area zoned for urban uses under this section shall not be subject to additional taxes under ORS 308A.700 (Definitions for ORS 308A.700 to 308A.733) to 308A.733 (Withdrawal of change of special assessment application) if the land ceases to be used for farm use within the five years following the date the area is zoned for urban uses.

(b) A lot or parcel in an area zoned for urban use under subsection (2) of this section shall not be assessed at its value for farm use under ORS 308A.050 (Legislative intent) to 308A.128 (Certain district assessments inapplicable to exclusive farm use zone farmland) unless the lot or parcel was receiving the farm use assessment at the time the area was zoned for urban uses. [1999 c.503 §3; 2001 c.104 §68]