2015 ORS § 197.277¹
Oregon Forest Practices Act
  • exclusion

(1) The goals and rules established in ORS chapters 195, 196 and 197 do not apply to programs, rules, procedures, decisions, determinations or activities carried out under the Oregon Forest Practices Act administered under ORS 527.610 (Short title) to 527.770 (Good faith compliance with best management practices not violation of water quality standards), 527.990 (Criminal penalties) (1) and 527.992 (Civil penalties).

(2) No goal or rule shall be adopted, construed or administered in a manner to require or allow local governments to take any action prohibited by ORS 527.722 (Restrictions on local government adoption of rules regulating forest operations).

(3) The Land Conservation and Development Commission shall amend goals and rules as necessary to implement ORS 197.180 (State agency planning responsibilities), 197.277 (Oregon Forest Practices Act), 197.825 (Jurisdiction of board), 215.050 (Comprehensive planning, zoning and subdivision ordinances), 477.440 (Emergency Fire Cost Committee), 477.455 (Meetings of committee), 477.460 (Duties of administrator), 526.009 (State Board of Forestry), 526.016 (General duties), 526.156 (Forest Trust Land Advisory Committee), 527.620 (Definitions for ORS 527.610 to 527.770), 527.630 (Policy), 527.660 (Committees to review rules), 527.670 (Commencement of operations), 527.683 (Notice of violation) to 527.687 (Civil penalty procedure), 527.715 (Rules to establish standards and procedures), 527.990 (Criminal penalties) and 527.992 (Civil penalties). [1987 c.919 §2; 2013 c.307 §5]