2015 ORS § 19.300¹
Undertakings on appeal generally
  • filing and service

(1) An appellant must serve and file an undertaking for costs within 14 days after the filing of a notice of appeal. Unless the undertaking is waived, reduced or limited under ORS 19.310 (Waiver, reduction or limitation of undertaking), an undertaking for costs must be in the amount of $500.

(2) A supersedeas undertaking may be served and filed by an appellant at any time while a case is pending on appeal.

(3) The original of an undertaking on appeal, with proof of service, must be filed with the trial court administrator. A copy of the undertaking must be served on each adverse party on appeal in the manner prescribed by ORCP 9 B. [1997 c.71 §2; 1999 c.367 §7]