2015 ORS § 188.135¹
(Title not available: statute has been repealed or renumbered.)

[See note following]

Note: After adjournment of the 2001 regular session of the Legislative Assembly, the Multnomah County Circuit Court ordered adoption of congressional district boundaries. The courts order arose out of Perrin v. Kitzhaber, No. 0107-07021, which held the congressional district boundaries described in 188.135 unconstitutional. The courts opinion was dated October 19, 2001. The courts judgment was dated October 30, 2001. The ordered congressional district boundaries were set forth in 188.140 (Congressional district boundaries) and the text of 188.135 was deleted.

In 2011, the Legislative Assembly amended 188.140 (Congressional district boundaries) to delete the boundaries ordered by the court in 2001 and adopt new congressional district boundaries.