2015 ORS § 184.634¹
Disposition of real property by department
  • rules

Notwithstanding the provisions of ORS 270.100 (Notice to department before sale of real property), 270.110 (Disposition of property not needed for public use), 270.130 (Publication of notice of sale), 270.140 (Action if no satisfactory proposal received), 270.150 (Proceeds of sale of real property) and 273.426 (Exchange of property), the Oregon Transportation Commission may establish by rule procedures and criteria for:

(1) The advertisement for sale of real property by the Department of Transportation;

(2) The disposition of real property by the department after an auction at which no satisfactory bids were received; and

(3) The disposition by the department of real property that:

(a) Has minimal value and is useful only to adjacent property owners; or

(b) May not, because of local land use ordinances, be disposed of to anyone other than adjacent property owners. [1989 c.499 §2; 1991 c.816 §23]