2015 ORS § 184.632¹
Legislative finding on ports
  • policy

(1) The Legislative Assembly finds that:

(a) The ports in Oregon provide effective local assistance to state transportation development efforts.

(b) The ports in this state develop and market facilities and services to support important existing industries in this state, such as aviation, maritime commerce, international trade, tourism, recreation and transportation.

(c) Port facilities, including roads, railroads, airports, harbors and navigation channels, are an integral element of the transportation infrastructure of this state.

(2) Therefore, the Legislative Assembly declares that it is the policy of this state to include Oregons ports in planning and implementing transportation programs. To that end, the Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Aviation may work to:

(a) Coordinate with the Oregon Business Development Department to facilitate port planning and development;

(b) Promote local cooperation in statewide planning and development of the ports;

(c) Promote long-term economic self-sufficiency of the ports;

(d) Encourage cost-effective investments with prudent financial consideration of port development projects; and

(e) Facilitate the efforts of the ports to expand and respond to greater domestic and international market opportunities. [1993 c.474 §3; 1999 c.935 §18; 2007 c.804 §83]