2015 ORS § 180.365¹
Child Support Suspense Fund

(1) The Child Support Suspense Fund is established in the State Treasury separate and distinct from the General Fund. Interest earned by the Child Support Suspense Fund shall be credited to the Child Support Deposit Fund established under ORS 25.725 (Child Support Deposit Fund). All moneys in the Child Support Suspense Fund are appropriated continuously for purposes of ORS 25.020 (When support payment to be made to Department of Justice), 25.610 (Procedure to collect support orders from state tax refunds), 25.620 (Procedures to collect past due support from state tax refunds) and 25.777 (Reimbursing issuing entities for costs incurred) and for all other requirements of the Department of Justice as the state disbursement unit.

(2) The department shall maintain all records required under federal law for the distribution of moneys from the Child Support Suspense Fund.

(3) The Child Support Suspense Fund is not subject to the provisions of ORS 291.234 (Department to make allotments to state officers and agencies of appropriations and funds) to 291.260 (Approving, modifying or disapproving requests and budgets to be submitted to the federal government). [2003 c.73 §3; 2005 c.22 §124]