2015 ORS § 18.038¹
Form of judgment document generally

(1) A judgment document must be plainly titled as a judgment.

(2) The title of a judgment document must indicate whether the judgment is a limited judgment, a general judgment or a supplemental judgment. This subsection does not apply to:

(a) Justice courts, municipal courts and county courts performing judicial functions.

(b) Judgments in criminal actions.

(c) Judgments in juvenile proceedings under ORS chapters 419A, 419B and 419C.

(3) A judgment document must be separate from any other document in the action. The judgment document may have attached affidavits, certificates, motions, stipulations and exhibits as necessary or proper in support of the judgment.

(4) A judgment document must include:

(a) The name of the court rendering the judgment and the file number or other identifier used by the court for the action or actions decided by the judgment;

(b) The names of any parties in whose favor the judgment is given and the names of any parties against whom the judgment is given; and

(c) The signature of the judge rendering the judgment, or the signature of the court administrator if the court administrator is authorized by law to sign the judgment document, and the date the judgment document is signed.

(5) This section does not apply to any foreign judgment filed with a court under ORS 24.115 (Filing of foreign judgment) or 110.605 (Registration of order for enforcement) to 110.611 (Choice of law). [2003 c.576 §4; 2005 c.568 §38; 2015 c.298 §81]