2015 ORS § 174.580¹
Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure
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(1) As used in the statute laws of this state, including provisions of law deemed to be rules of court as provided in ORS 1.745 (Laws on civil pleading, practice and procedure deemed rules of court until changed), Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure means the rules adopted, amended or supplemented as provided in ORS 1.735 (Rules of procedure).

(2) In citing a specific rule of the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure, the designation ORCP (number of rule) may be used. For example, Rule 7, section D, subsection (3), paragraph (a), subparagraph (iv), part (A), may be cited as ORCP 7 D(3)(a)(iv)(A). [1979 c.284 §4; 1993 c.18 §30; 2011 c.9 §9]