2015 ORS § 173.770¹
Rules regarding fees for services and obtaining copyrights and patents

(1) The Legislative Administration Committee may adopt rules to carry out its duties under statute or legislative rules or directives, including setting and collecting fees for facilities and services and obtaining copyrights and patents on copyrightable or patentable materials developed, published or produced by committee staff.

(2) Rules adopted under authority of this section are not rules within the meaning of ORS chapter 183 and are not subject to review under ORS 183.710 (Definitions for ORS 183.710 to 183.725) to 183.725 (Other authorized rule review by Legislative Counsel Committee). However, the Legislative Administration Committee shall give reasonable notice of its intent to adopt rules and conduct a hearing open to the public before adopting any rule.

(3) As used in this section, rule means any directive, standard or statement of general application that implements or interprets the duties of the Legislative Administration Committee and includes amendment or repeal of a prior rule but does not include internal management directives or statements relating to committee business between committee members or between committee members and committee staff or between committee staff. [1979 c.740 §2]