2015 ORS § 169.730¹
Definitions for ORS 169.740 to 169.760

As used in ORS 169.740 (Standards for juvenile detention facilities) to 169.760 (Juvenile detention facilities to establish written policy):

(1) Isolation means confinement of a juvenile in any room which lacks toilet facilities, furniture, reading and recreation materials or access to light and air comparable to that in other rooms used for the detention of juveniles.

(2) Roomlock means confinement of a juvenile in any sleeping room, other than an isolation room, except during regular sleeping periods; except that, in the case of facilities serving counties with a population less than 70,000, based on the 1980 census, roomlock does not include confining a juvenile in a sleeping room when all detained juveniles of the same sex are similarly confined due solely to the limitations of physical facilities or staff. [1981 c.869 §1a]