2015 ORS § 162.365¹
Criminal impersonation

This section is amended
Effective January 1, 2017
Relating to criminal impersonation; creating new provisions; and amending ORS 161.005 and 162.365.

(1) A person commits the crime of criminal impersonation if with intent to obtain a benefit, to injure or defraud another or to facilitate an unlawful activity, the person does an act in the assumed character of:

(a) A public servant; or

(b) An active member or veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States.

(2) It is no defense to a prosecution for criminal impersonation that:

(a) The office, position or title that the person pretended to hold did not in fact exist; or

(b) The unit of government that the person pretended to represent did not in fact exist.

(3)(a) Criminal impersonation is a Class A misdemeanor.

(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this subsection, criminal impersonation is a Class C felony if the public servant impersonated is a peace officer, judge or justice of the peace. [1971 c.743 §211; 1993 c.243 §1; 1997 c.395 §2; 2003 c.577 §12; 2007 c.510 §1]