2015 ORS § 153.019¹
Presumptive fines
  • generally

This section is amended
Effective March 29, 2016
Relating to courthouses; creating new provisions; amending ORS 153.019, 153.020, 153.640, 153.675 and 221.315; and declaring an emergency.

(1) Except as provided in ORS 153.020 (Presumptive fines), the presumptive fines for violations are:

(a) $435 for a Class A violation.

(b) $260 for a Class B violation.

(c) $160 for a Class C violation.

(d) $110 for a Class D violation.

(2) The presumptive fine for a specific fine violation is:

(a) The amount specified by statute as the presumptive fine for the violation; or

(b) An amount equal to the greater of 20 percent of the maximum fine prescribed for the violation, or the minimum fine prescribed by statute for the violation. [2011 c.597 §2]