2015 ORS § 142.070¹
Powers and duties of peace officers respecting theft and slaughter of animals and other property

All persons serving as special officers for the enforcement of any state or municipal law hereby are vested with the full powers of peace officers in so far as the same may be necessary or convenient for the apprehension of any persons engaged in, or accused of, the theft or slaughter of livestock, livestock carcasses, poultry, killed or dressed, or other personal property and products of the same or different kind from farms, pastures, ranges, industrial plants and other places of production or robbing the owners of such personal property, or other persons in possession of the same; for the prevention of such crimes; and for obtaining and seeking to obtain evidence of such crimes. It is the duty of all peace officers in the State of Oregon to enforce all laws for the protection of the property and the prevention of the crimes above mentioned.