2015 ORS § 138.620¹

(1) After the response of the defendant to the petition, the court shall proceed to a hearing on the issues raised. If the defendants response is by demurrer or motion raising solely issues of law, the circuit court need not order that petitioner be present at such hearing, as long as petitioner is represented at the hearing by counsel. At the hearing upon issues raised by any other response, the circuit court shall order that petitioner be present. Whenever the court orders that petitioner be present at the hearing, the court may order that petitioner appear by telephone or other communication device as provided in ORS 138.622 (Appearance by communication device) rather than in person.

(2) If the petition states a ground for relief, the court shall decide the issues raised and may receive proof by affidavits, depositions, oral testimony or other competent evidence. The burden of proof of facts alleged in the petition shall be upon the petitioner to establish such facts by a preponderance of the evidence. [1959 c.636 §12; 1996 c.4 §4; 2003 c.261 §4]