2015 ORS § 135.753¹
Effect of dismissal

(1) If the court directs the charge or action to be dismissed, the defendant, if in custody, shall be discharged. If the defendant has been released, the release agreement is exonerated and security deposited shall be refunded to the defendant.

(2) An order for the dismissal of a charge or action, as provided in ORS 135.703 (Crimes subject to being compromised) to 135.709 (Exclusiveness of procedure) and 135.745 (Delay in finding an indictment or filing an information) to 135.757 (Nolle prosequi), is a bar to another prosecution for the same crime if the crime is a Class B or C misdemeanor; but it is not a bar if the crime charged is a Class A misdemeanor or a felony.

(3) If any charge or action is dismissed for the purpose of consolidation with one or more other charges or actions, then any such dismissal shall not be a bar to another prosecution for the same offense. [Formerly 134.140 [bad link]; 1975 c.198 §1]