2015 ORS § 130.445¹
Dismissal for want of prosecution

(1) If the trustee does not file a petition to close the case under ORS 130.440 (Petition to close case) within one year after filing a petition under ORS 130.355 (Commencement of proceeding), the court clerk shall mail a notice to the trustee, or the attorney for the trustee if the trustee is represented by counsel, informing the trustee that a judgment of dismissal will be entered in the case for want of prosecution unless an application for a continuance is made to the court and good cause is shown within 60 days after the date of the notice. Good cause for a continuance includes the pendency of a separate action under ORS 130.400 (Allowance and disallowance of claims) (4).

(2) If an application for a continuance is not made under this section, or the court fails to find good cause for a continuance, the court shall enter a judgment of dismissal of the proceeding without prejudice. The dismissal does not bar a claimants right to pursue claims against a trustee, and a claimant shall have the same rights as if the trustee filed no proceeding. [Formerly 128.298]