2015 ORS § 128.095¹
Trustee may amend governing instrument of private foundation or split-interest trust with prior consent of Attorney General and benefited organizations

The trustee of a trust which is a private foundation to which ORS 128.085 (Limitations on trustees administration of private foundation trust) applies or a split-interest trust to which ORS 128.090 (Limitations on trustees administration of split-interest trust) applies may, with the prior consent of the Attorney General, amend the terms of the governing instrument to the extent necessary (1) to assure conformity of the governing instrument with the requirements for exemption from the taxes imposed by sections 4941 to 4945 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, including amendments which broaden, extend, reduce or limit the charitable purposes for which the trust is administered, or (2) to terminate the status of the trust as a private foundation in a manner described in section 507 (b) (1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Prior to giving consent, the Attorney General shall determine that the proposed amendments are necessary or appropriate to achieve the charitable purposes of the trust. If the trust is for the exclusive benefit of one or more charitable organizations, the trustee shall also obtain the prior consent of such organizations prior to amending the terms of the governing instrument in the manner set forth in this section. [1971 c.197 §3]