2015 ORS § 114.505¹
Definitions for ORS 114.505 to 114.560

As used in ORS 114.505 (Definitions for ORS 114.505 to 114.560) to 114.560 (Exclusive remedy):

(1) Affiant means the person or persons signing an affidavit filed under ORS 114.515 (Value of estate).

(2) Claiming successors means:

(a) If the decedent died intestate, the heir or heirs of the decedent, or if there is no heir, an estate administrator of the Department of State Lands appointed under ORS 113.235 (Appointment of estate administrators by Director of Department of State Lands);

(b) If the decedent died testate, the devisee or devisees of the decedent; and

(c) Any creditor of the estate entitled to payment or reimbursement from the estate under ORS 114.545 (Duties of person filing affidavit) (1)(d) who has not been paid or reimbursed the full amount owed such creditor within 60 days after the date of the decedents death.

(3) Estate means decedents property subject to administration in Oregon. [1973 c.710 §2; 1977 c.239 §1; 1979 c.340 §1; 1979 c.467 §3; 1989 c.228 §1; 2003 c.395 §14; 2005 c.22 §92; 2015 c.146 §2]