2015 ORS § 107.840¹
Confidentiality of Social Security numbers

(1) The State Court Administrator shall establish a procedure applicable to every court in this state that ensures that the Social Security numbers of parties to a proceeding under ORS 107.085 (Petition) or 107.485 (Conditions for summary dissolution procedure) are kept confidential and exempt from public inspection.

(2) The procedure established under this section must:

(a) Require that Social Security numbers be listed on a separate paper attached to an affidavit or a declaration under penalty of perjury in the form required by ORCP 1 E, executed by the person providing the Social Security number, certifying that the Social Security number is correct;

(b) Ensure that the Social Security numbers are provided to or made accessible to the entities primarily responsible for providing support enforcement services under ORS 25.080 (Entity primarily responsible for support enforcement services); and

(c) Comply with the requirements of 42 U.S.C. 666 relating to provision of Social Security numbers. [2003 c.380 §1; 2015 c.121 §9]