2015 ORS § 107.550¹
Petition for conciliation jurisdiction
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(1) Whenever either spouse or both spouses file in a circuit court exercising conciliation jurisdiction and providing conciliation services a petition requesting the court to exercise conciliation jurisdiction with respect to a controversy existing between the spouses, the court shall exercise conciliation jurisdiction over the controversy and over the parties thereto and all persons having any relation to the controversy.

(2) The petition shall:

(a) Allege that a controversy exists between the spouses and request the aid of the court to effect a reconciliation or a settlement of the controversy;

(b) State the name, address and age of each spouse and the date and place of marriage;

(c) State the name, address and age of each minor child of the spouses or either spouse;

(d) State, if known, whether a domestic relations suit involving the same marriage is pending in any other court in this or any other state; and

(e) State such other information as the court, by rule, may require.

(3) No fee shall be charged for filing the petition. [1963 c.434 §5; 1965 c.625 §3]