2015 ORS § 105.842¹
Tampering with carbon monoxide alarm

(1) As used in this section, tamper includes, but is not limited to, the removal of working batteries.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person may not remove or tamper with a carbon monoxide alarm installed in a one and two family dwelling or multifamily housing. This section does not prohibit the removal of, or tampering with, a carbon monoxide alarm:

(a) For the purpose of replacing a defective alarm or conforming the installation of the alarm with State Fire Marshal rules;

(b) In a dwelling or housing that is being demolished or converted to nonresidential use; or

(c) For the period that the removal or tampering is necessary for an active process of remodeling or renovating the installation location. [2009 c.591 §6]