2015 ORS § 105.123¹

In an action pursuant to ORS 105.110 (Action for forcible entry or wrongful detainer), it is sufficient to state in the complaint:

(1) A description of the premises with convenient certainty;

(2) That the defendant is in possession of the premises;

(3) That, in the case of a dwelling unit to which ORS chapter 90 does not apply, the defendant entered upon the premises with force or unlawfully holds the premises with force; and

(4) That the plaintiff is entitled to the possession of the premises. [2001 c.596 §4 (105.123 (Complaint), 105.124 (Form of complaint if ORS chapter 90 applies) and 105.126 (Form of complaint if ORS chapter 90 does not apply) enacted in lieu of 105.125); 2007 c.508 §12]