2015 ORS § 100.475¹
Personal liability for assessment
  • joint liability of grantor and grantee following conveyance
  • limitation

(1) Except as provided in subsection (5) of this section, a unit owner is personally liable for all assessments imposed on the unit owner or assessed against the unit by the association of unit owners.

(2) If the purchaser of a unit obtains title to the unit as a result of foreclosure of the first mortgage or trust deed, the purchaser, and the successors and assigns of the purchaser, are not liable for any of the assessments against the unit or its owner that became due prior to the acquisition of title to the unit by the purchaser except as specifically provided otherwise in ORS 100.450 (Association lien against individual unit). The unpaid assessments are a common expense of all the unit owners, including the purchaser and the successors and assigns of the purchaser.

(3)(a) Subject to paragraph (b) of this subsection, in a voluntary conveyance of a unit, the grantee shall be jointly and severally liable with the grantor for all unpaid assessments against the grantor of the unit to the time of the grant or conveyance, without prejudice to the grantees right to recover from the grantor the amounts paid by the grantee therefor.

(b) Upon request of an owner or owners agent, for the benefit of a prospective purchaser, the board of directors shall make and deliver a written statement of the unpaid assessments against the prospective grantor or the unit effective through a date specified in the statement, and the grantee in that case shall not be liable for any unpaid assessments against the grantor not included in the written statement.

(4) An escrow agent or a title insurance company providing escrow services or issuing title insurance in conjunction with the conveyance:

(a) May rely upon a written statement of unpaid assessments delivered pursuant to this section; and

(b) Is not liable for a failure to pay to the association at closing any amount in excess of the amount set forth in the written statement.

(5) During the redemption period that follows an execution sale conducted under ORS 18.860 (Function of writ) to 18.993 (Effect of ORS 18.860 to 18.993 on court's ability to direct seizure), a certificate holder, as defined in ORS 18.960 (Definitions), is solely liable for all assessments that come due during the redemption period.

(6) For purposes of this chapter, when the redemption period described in ORS 18.964 (Time for redemption) ends and the claimant has not redeemed the unit, the certificate holder is deemed the unit owner of the unit sold by execution sale, without regard to whether the certificate holder has caused the sheriff to execute and deliver a deed under ORS 18.985 (Sheriff's deed). [Formerly 94.208; 1997 c.816 §11; 2003 c.569 §37; 2015 c.120 §6]