Oregon laws in the news

  • Title 23 Elections

  • Blue Oregon / T.A. Barnhart - Dec 11, 2013
    “No one acted in bad faith at the pre­vi­ous meeting; even those who errered in allowing the new PCPs to vote should be held blameless, given that we’re dealing with ORS 248.026(2) — and I’m willing to bet a lot of Oregon Democrats are going to be making themselves familiar with ORS 248 in the near future.”
  • Mail Tribune - Nov 20, 2010
    “. . . we're happy to inform you that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck continue to receive votes in races of all sorts. . . . As for the write-ins for sheriff, state law says write-in ballots will be tabulated only if it would make a difference in the outcome.”
  • Mail Tribune / Damian Mann - Oct 31, 2010
    “The law en­force­­ment officials are alleged to have violated Oregon Revised Statute 260.432, which excludes public officials from promoting or opposing any measure or candidate as part of their official duties.”
  • Illinois Valley News / Scott Jorgensen - Apr 7, 2010
    “... might have been in viola­tion of Oregon Revised Statute 260.432. It states that a public employee “may not promote or oppose a candidate while on the job ...”
  • Mail Tribune / Tony Boom - Mar 28, 2010
    “. . . Though Hamilton would not give details, he said the investiga­tion revolves around Oregon Revised Statute 260.665 Subsec­tion 2. The statute covers undue influence to affect registra­tion, voting, candidacy . . .”
  • Baker City Herald - Oct 21, 2009
    “A Baker City man has sent a letter to the Oregon Elec­tions Division alleging that former City Manager Steve Brocato and a current city employee, Shannon Regan, violated state law by twice signing peti­tions in the City Council recall campaign. ... Dielman contends that Brocato and Regan violated ORS 260.555(4). ”