project order

  • "Project order" means the order, including any amendments, issued by the State Department of Energy under ORS 469.330 (Notice of intent to file application for site certificate).

    (23)(a) "Radioactive waste" means all material which is discarded, unwanted or has no present lawful economic use, and contains mined or refined naturally occurring isotopes, accelerator produced isotopes and by-product material, source material or special nuclear material as those terms are defined in ORS 453.605 (Definitions for ORS 453.605 to 453.800). The term does not include those radioactive materials identified in OAR 345-50-020, 345-50-025 and 345-50-035, adopted by the council on December 12, 1978, and revised periodically for the purpose of adding additional isotopes which are not referred to in OAR 345-50 as presenting no significant danger to the public health and safety.

    (b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this subsection, "radioactive waste" does not include uranium mine overburden or uranium mill tailings, mill wastes or mill by-product materials as those terms are defined in Title 42, United States Code, section 2014, on June 25, 1979.

    Oregon Legislature 1