• A party or the party's lawyer may object to a question another party or lawyer asks a witness, a witness's answer, an exhibit, or improper argument as not proper under the law. The judge "rules" or decides whether under the rules of evidence the objection is proper ("sustained") or not proper ("overruled"). The jury must accept the judge's ruling. One-trial/One day (popularly known as "One-day/One-trial") Most state courts have shortened the term of jury service. In most larger courts, the term is now one trial or, for jurors not selected for trial or grand jury, one day. Courts in counties with fewer citizens are also shortening the terms as much as they can but may not be able to adopt one-trial/one-day terms yet because state law limits how often courts may require a citizen to serve as a juror. Many trials are longer than one day.

    Oregon Judicial Department 1

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