Vol. 13  Water Resources, Agriculture and Food

Title 45 Water resources: irrigation, drainage, flood control, reclamation

536. Water Resources Administration
537. Appropriation of Water Generally
538. Withdrawal of Certain Waters From Appropriation; Special Municipal and County Water Right
539. Determination of Water Rights Initiated Before February 24, 1909; Determination of Water Rights of Federally Recognized Indian Tribes
540. Distribution of Water; Watermasters; Change in Use; Transfer or Forfeiture of Water Rights
541. Water Distributors; Water Releases; Conservation and Storage; Water Development Projects; Watershed Management and Enhancement
542. Water Resource Surveys and Projects; Compacts
543A. Reauthorizing and Decommissioning Hydroelectric Project
543. Hydroelectric Projects
545. Irrigation Districts
547. Drainage Districts
548. Provisions Applicable Both to Drainage Districts and to Irrigation Districts
549. Drainage and Flood Control Generally
551. Diking Districts
552. Water Improvement Districts
553. Water Control Districts
554. Corporations for Irrigation, Drainage, Water Supply or Flood Control
555. Reclamation Projects
558. Weather Modification

Title 46 Agriculture

561. State Department of Agriculture
564. Wildflowers; Threatened or Endangered Plants
565. Fairs and Exhibits
566. Extension and Field Work; Rural Rehabilitation
567. Experiment Stations
568. Soil and Water Conservation; Water Quality Management
569. Weed Control
570. Plant Pest and Disease Control; Invasive Species
571. Nursery Stock; Licensed Crop and Christmas Tree Growers, Handlers and Dealers

Title 47 Agricultural marketing and warehousing

576. Agricultural Marketing Generally
577. Oregon Beef Council
578. Oregon Wheat Commission
586. Warehouses
587. Storage of Grain as Basis of Farm Credit