Chapter 657A  Child Care

Child Care Division

§ 657A.010 Child Care Division
§ 657A.020 Duties of division
§ 657A.030 Central Background Registry

Resource And Referral Programs

§ 657A.100 Definition for ORS 657A.100 to 657A.190
§ 657A.110 Policy
§ 657A.120 Services by resource and referral agencies
§ 657A.130 Resource and referral agency requirements
§ 657A.140 Referrals to certified child care facilities
§ 657A.150 Resource files
§ 657A.160 Documentation of requests for service
§ 657A.170 Technical assistance to providers of child care services

Child Care Facilities


§ 657A.250 Definitions for ORS 657A.030 and 657A.250 to 657A.450
§ 657A.252 Provision of care by persons whose enrollment in registry is denied, revoked or under suspension
§ 657A.255 Preschool recorded program
§ 657A.257 School-age recorded program
§ 657A.260 Minimum standards for child care facilities
§ 657A.263 Emergency plan for facilities
§ 657A.270 Renewal procedure for certification or registration
§ 657A.275 Rules


§ 657A.280 When certification required
§ 657A.290 Qualifications of applicant for certification
§ 657A.300 Issuance of certification
§ 657A.310 Application


§ 657A.330 Registration requirements


§ 657A.340 Certain child care providers required to attend orientation

(Discipline; Enforcement)

§ 657A.350 Denial, revocation or suspension of certification or registration
§ 657A.360 Notice
§ 657A.370 Injunction