Chapter 469B  Energy Tax Credits; Grants

Alternative Energy Devices

§ 469B.100 Definitions for ORS 469B.100 to 469B.118
§ 469B.103 Criteria
§ 469B.106 Claim for tax credits
§ 469B.109 Transfer of tax credit for alternative fuel vehicle
§ 469B.112 Ineligible devices
§ 469B.115 Performance assumptions and prescriptive measures for tax credits
§ 469B.118 Forfeiture of tax credits

Renewable Energy Resources

§ 469B.130 Definitions for ORS 469B.130 to 469B.169 and 469B.171
§ 469B.133 Policy
§ 469B.136 Priority given to certain projects
§ 469B.139 Criteria for high-performance homes, renewable energy systems, combined heat and power facilities and facilities using or producing renewable energy resources
§ 469B.142 Annual limit to cost of facility eligible for tax credits
§ 469B.145 Application for preliminary certification
§ 469B.148 Transferability of facility tax credit
§ 469B.151 Tax credit for rental housing units

Renewable Energy Production Systems

§ 469B.250 Definitions for ORS 469B.250 to 469B.265
§ 469B.253 Application for grant
§ 469B.256 Grant award
§ 469B.259 Grant application fees
§ 469B.262 Limitations on amount of potential tax credits for certified renewable energy development contributions
§ 469B.265 Policies and procedures

Energy Conservation Projects

§ 469B.270 Definitions for ORS 315.331 and 469B.270 to 469B.306
§ 469B.273 Preference given to certain projects
§ 469B.276 Transferability of project tax credit
§ 469B.279 Standards for energy conservation projects
§ 469B.282 Limitation on amount receiving preliminary certification
§ 469B.285 Application for preliminary certification
§ 469B.288 Submissions for preliminary certification
§ 469B.291 Final certification