Chapter 469B  Energy Tax Credits; Grants

Alternative Energy Devices

§ 469B.100 Definitions for ORS 469B.100 to 469B.118
§ 469B.103 Criteria
§ 469B.106 Claim for tax credits
§ 469B.109 Transfer of tax credit for alternative fuel vehicle
§ 469B.112 Ineligible devices
§ 469B.115 Performance assumptions and prescriptive measures for tax credits
§ 469B.118 Forfeiture of tax credits

Renewable Energy Resources

§ 469B.130 Definitions for ORS 469B.130 to 469B.169 and 469B.171
§ 469B.133 Policy
§ 469B.136 Priority given to certain projects
§ 469B.139 Criteria for high-performance homes, renewable energy systems, combined heat and power facilities and facilities using or producing renewable energy resources
§ 469B.142 Annual limit to cost of facility eligible for tax credits
§ 469B.145 Application for preliminary certification
§ 469B.148 Transferability of facility tax credit
§ 469B.151 Tax credit for rental housing units

(Temporary Provisions Relating To Transfer Of Administration Of Income Tax Credits For Renewable

Energy Resource Equipment Manufacturing Facilities From State Department Of Energy To Oregon

Business Development Department Are Compiled As Notes Following Ors 469 B.169)

§ 469B.171 Assistance with facility purchase for investor-owned utility customers

Renewable Energy Production Systems

§ 469B.250 Definitions for ORS 469B.250 to 469B.265
§ 469B.253 Application for grant
§ 469B.256 Grant award
§ 469B.259 Grant application fees
§ 469B.262 Limitations on amount of potential tax credits for certified renewable energy development contributions
§ 469B.265 Policies and procedures

Energy Conservation Projects

§ 469B.270 Definitions for ORS 315.331 and 469B.270 to 469B.306
§ 469B.273 Preference given to certain projects
§ 469B.276 Transferability of project tax credit
§ 469B.279 Standards for energy conservation projects
§ 469B.282 Limitation on amount receiving preliminary certification
§ 469B.285 Application for preliminary certification
§ 469B.288 Submissions for preliminary certification
§ 469B.291 Final certification

Transportation Projects

§ 469B.320 Definitions for ORS 315.336 and 469B.320 to 469B.347
§ 469B.323 Transferability of project tax credit
§ 469B.326 Application for preliminary certification
§ 469B.329 Submissions for preliminary certification
§ 469B.332 Final certification
§ 469B.335 Fees for certification
§ 469B.338 Certificate required for tax credits
§ 469B.341 Revocation of certificate

Biofuels And Biomass

§ 469B.400 Fuel blends and solid biofuels
§ 469B.403 Biomass


§ 469B.991 Civil penalty when contractor certificate revoked