Chapter 419B  Juvenile Code: Dependency

Reporting Of Child Abuse

§ 419B.005 Definitions
§ 419B.007 Policy
§ 419B.010 Duty of officials to report child abuse
§ 419B.015 Report form and content
§ 419B.016 Offense of false report of child abuse
§ 419B.017 Time limits for notification between law enforcement agencies and Department of Human Services
§ 419B.020 Duty of department or law enforcement agency receiving report
§ 419B.021 Degree requirements for persons conducting investigation or making determination regarding child

Juvenile Court


§ 419B.090 Juvenile court
§ 419B.100 Jurisdiction
§ 419B.110 Emergency medical care
§ 419B.112 Court appointed special advocate
§ 419B.116 Intervention
§ 419B.117 Notice to parents or guardian of child
§ 419B.118 Venue
§ 419B.121 Return of runaway children to another state

(Protective Custody)

§ 419B.150 When protective custody authorized
§ 419B.155 Protective custody not arrest
§ 419B.157 Jurisdiction attaches at time of custody
§ 419B.160 Place of detention
§ 419B.165 Release of child taken into custody
§ 419B.168 Procedure when child is not released
§ 419B.171 Report required when child is taken into custody
§ 419B.175 Initial disposition of child taken into custody

(Shelter Hearings)

§ 419B.180 Shelter and detention facilities
§ 419B.183 Speedy hearing required
§ 419B.185 Evidentiary hearing

(Placement Of Child Or Ward)

§ 419B.192 Placement of child or ward


§ 419B.195 Appointment of counsel for child or ward
§ 419B.198 Responsibility for payment of costs related to provision of appointed counsel for child or ward
§ 419B.201 Compensation for court-appointed counsel for child or ward under ORS 135.055
§ 419B.205 Appointment of counsel for parent or legal guardian
§ 419B.208 Other law applicable to appointment of counsel
§ 419B.211 Motion to withdraw as counsel

(Educational Surrogate)

§ 419B.220 Appointment of surrogate
§ 419B.223 Duties and tenure of surrogate

(Guardian Ad Litem For Parent)

§ 419B.231 Appointment
§ 419B.234 Qualifications
§ 419B.237 Duration of appointment


§ 419B.305 When hearing must be held
§ 419B.310 Conduct of hearings


§ 419B.325 Disposition required
§ 419B.328 Ward of the court
§ 419B.331 When protective supervision authorized
§ 419B.334 Placement out of state
§ 419B.337 Commitment to custody of Department of Human Services
§ 419B.340 Reasonable or active efforts determination
§ 419B.343 Recommendations of committing court
§ 419B.346 Medical planning


§ 419B.365 Permanent guardianship
§ 419B.366 Guardianship
§ 419B.367 Letters of guardianship
§ 419B.368 Review, modification or vacation of guardianship order
§ 419B.369 Guardianship study
§ 419B.371 Community guardianship

(Legal Custodian Of Child)

§ 419B.372 Guardianship as incident of custody
§ 419B.373 Duties and authority of legal custodian


§ 419B.376 Duties and authority of guardian
§ 419B.379 Guardian is not conservator

(Authority Over Parents)

§ 419B.385 Parent or guardian as party
§ 419B.387 Parent participation in treatment or training
§ 419B.389 Inability of parent to comply with order of court


§ 419B.395 Judgment of paternity or nonpaternity


§ 419B.400 Authority to order support
§ 419B.402 Support order is judgment
§ 419B.404 Support for child or ward in state financed or supported institution
§ 419B.406 Assignment of support order to state
§ 419B.408 Enforcement of support order

(Reports By Guardians And Custodians)

§ 419B.440 Circumstances requiring reports
§ 419B.443 Time and content of reports
§ 419B.446 Filing report
§ 419B.449 Review hearing by court
§ 419B.452 Distribution of report by court

(Child Surrendered For Adoption)

§ 419B.460 Agencys responsibility

(Permanency Hearing)

§ 419B.470 Permanency hearing
§ 419B.473 Notice
§ 419B.476 Conduct of hearing

(Termination Of Parental Rights)

§ 419B.498 Termination of parental rights
§ 419B.500 Termination of parental rights generally
§ 419B.502 Termination upon finding of extreme conduct
§ 419B.504 Termination upon finding of unfitness
§ 419B.506 Termination upon finding of neglect
§ 419B.508 Termination upon finding of abandonment
§ 419B.510 Termination upon finding child conceived as result of rape
§ 419B.517 Mediation to be encouraged

(Emancipation Of Minor)

§ 419B.550 Definitions for ORS 419B.550 to 419B.558
§ 419B.552 Application for emancipation judgment
§ 419B.555 Hearing
§ 419B.558 Entry of judgment of emancipation

Juvenile Court Dependency Procedure

§ 419B.800 Applicability of ORS 419B.800 to 419B.929
§ 419B.803 Jurisdiction
§ 419B.806 Consolidation
§ 419B.809 Petition
§ 419B.812 Issuance of summons
§ 419B.815 Summons for proceeding to establish jurisdiction under ORS 419B.100
§ 419B.816 Notice to person contesting petition to establish jurisdiction
§ 419B.818 Form of summons under ORS 419B.815


§ 419B.950 Educational program regarding federal and state adoption and child welfare laws